Nanda Vigo

Nanda Vigo, Mitteleuropean born in Milan, graduate at Politecnique in Lausanne, tryng in S.Francisco. Her own atelier in Milano in '59, and start to exhibit in many gallery and museum in Europe and in Italy. She went towards thé 60's, with the support of experience obtained as an architect and designer, at formulating a cronotopical theory space/time completely original and autonomus in art. Since than, here presence has been constant in the mids of the most advanced aesthetical research (Zéro Group, Aktuel Group, Light und Bewegung), with the precise intent of probing, deepening, the possibilities of sensorial stimuli obtained by the use of materials which are typical of industry, such as glass, mirrors, neon light, organized in a uniting and coinvolving spatiality. She collaborate with Giò Ponti, Lucio Fontana and Piero Manzoni.

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